Growth mindset and life and job satisfaction: the mediatory role of stress and self-efficacy
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Institute of Psychology, University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland
Submission date: 2022-04-21
Final revision date: 2022-07-07
Acceptance date: 2022-07-16
Online publication date: 2022-10-05
Corresponding author
Blanka Kondratowicz   

Uniwersytet Gdański
Health Psychology Report 2023;11(2):98–107
Given the stress that we feel in various parts of our lives, it seems important to concentrate on identifying inner resources that assist employees in coping with problems of the modern world and functioning better in it. This study evaluates two types of internal resources – the manner of approaching successes and failures (growth mindset) and self-efficacy – and their influence on life and job satisfaction. Both these resources are negatively related to the perceived stress; however, they have not been considered in a single study to date.

Participants and procedure:
The aim was to examine the relation between growth mindset and life and job satisfaction with the mediatory role of per-ceived stress and self-efficacy among white-collar workers. The present study concerned 283 employees who completed self-report questionnaires.

A substantial relationship was found between growth mindset and life and job satisfaction. However, when perceived stress was included in the model, the relation between these two variables became weaker but was still significant, which consti-tutes evidence of partial mediation. The relationship between focus on development and life and job satisfaction became statistically significant when self-efficacy was considered.

Shaping a growth mindset and strengthening self-efficacy can positively affect life and job satisfaction, especially in stressful situations.

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